AYO is a mobility tech company that is building great destination experiences for travellers through hotels. Worldwide. AYO combines advanced IoT and software development into a neatly packaged user experience.

The company was founded by Linda Melin, Christian Zanders and Andreas Drougge and proved the destination experience concept during the summer of 2018. It has in June 2019 installed electric scooters for their first major hotel chain partner, Nordic Choice Hotels, at 82 sites across the Nordic region.

Stefan Backlund is onboard to support with marketing competence to the AYO team.

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  • Näktergal is a Swedish Fintech company based in Stockholm with a founding partner team with long experience in developing mortgage systems

  • The company has developed Magellan, a one-of-a-kind system that automates the handling of mortgages
    Näktergal has raised 5,5 million Swedish krona in the first of two closings during spring 2019. The second closing will be on the 31st of May 2019.

  • An advisory board composed of people with a extensive Fintech background from Klarna / Trustly, Bambora, Avanza, Tieto and more is founded to contribute with expertise for future pan-European expansion.

  • Kuorrokveik Adventure Capital is onboard.

“A significant part of the interest rate cost is attributed to the consumers due to antiquated manual processes or legacy IT systems in banks. We have the ambition to change this and to support digital native mortgage lenders and by doing so decrease the interest rates for consumers all across Europe, says Erik Bennerhult, CEO at Näktergal”

The founding team behind Näktergal is Mikael Abrahamsson and Erik Bennerhult that have over 15 years of experience of building mortgage systems in multiple European markets. The product, Magellan, is proven and has since 2016 processed applications worth in the excess of 50 billion Swedish krona.

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Folk & Friends

After years of dreaming and planning, Alli and Victor McCleary Olin opened up the first Folk & Friends beer café in December 2016 on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. After a positive start filled with an abundance of love, and encouragement they opened up a second location in March 2018 on Södermalm, Stockholm.

They wanted to combine their passions for craft beer, hospitality, games, and dogs without opening up a traditional bar concept with all of its regulations, and drawbacks.

A new kind of modern pub concept was born; a welcoming place where the focus is on spending quality time with friends, together with some great low alcohol craft beer that can be enjoyed throughout the night. It is a place where you can bring your family and where dogs are just as welcomed as people. All the beer can be enjoyed at the location or taken away.

Besöksliv alli victor chews.jpg

All dogs allowed

In a world where the majority of restaurants seem to be meat oriented with a token vegetarian option, Folk & Friends has chosen to be mostly vegetarian/vegan with a token meat option.

Folk & Friends believe in fairness, and has made it a priority to take care of its team by offering a transparent and inclusive workplace with just wages. They do not discriminate and welcome all friendly and open minded people. 

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Co-labs & expansion

The journey with the beer cafés has lead Folk & Friends to venture into a variety of brewing projects under the brand Folk & Brew with many exciting collaborations in the making.

Through their concept Folk & Work they will bring craft beer and other high quality non-alcoholic drinks to your office in the form of curated fridges and popup bars.

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BrewDog is on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are. They are committed to putting the passion, the flavour and the artisan craftsmanship back into people’s glasses.

  • BrewDog plc has been one of the fastest growing food & drinks company in the UK for the last six years consecutively.

  • In 2017, BrewDog plc grew its overall UK sales by 78%, and shipped 104 million bottles of beer worldwide.

  • BrewDog plc is taking all that they have learned since 2007, and applying it in America as they look to build the US business through BrewDog USA Inc.