About the company

Founded in 2017 by Fintech marketing executive Stefan Backlund, Kuorrokveik Adventure Capital had vision was to create a platform for early stage investments in industries that are overlooked by big venture capital.

Stefan recently held the position of Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Trustly, the Pan-European payments company founded in Sweden in 2008. During his 5 year tenure, he has helped Trustly grow in excess of 700% and built a department consisting of most disciplines in modern tech marketing. Trustly is now one of the shining stars on the European payment sky. Stefan started his career in the Fintech industry at Klarna where he was heading B2C marketing, also on a European level. He has a background in marketing consumer electronics at Philips and studied UX / Interaction Design at the University of Kalmar.

A few words

"Having one foot in rural Sweden and the other one in the city by heritage, I understand how the both perspectives can be translated. Together with a multidisciplinary advisory board not only can I advise in marketing and communication but also in development of IT systems and integration, risk and compliance, finance and accounting, hospitality and food & beverage.

The aggregated knowledge is the value I bring to the table to supercharge the businesses that we invests in. 

Capital is fundamentally dumb, but the added value we bring with each investment makes it smart.

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