Guiding principles

Believe in the countryside


At Kuorrokveik Adventure Capital we strongly believe that there are large opportunities for startups in rural communities to grow on a regional, a national and even to a global arena.

The areas where inventions are happening in are closely linked to the challenges entrepreneurs sees to overcome in their home communities and where those solutions has the potential to change the way of life for many.

We want to support startups from the countryside with funding and expertise to be allowed to receive equal opportunities to grow. Digital mobility and e-commerce are the fundamental enablers.

Surf tectonic shifts


In industry after industry incumbents are being challenged by smaller and more agile companies with a niche agenda.

There are tectonic shifts occurring in Fintech, MedTech, AgTech, AdTech and CleanTech to name a few. There are also trends changing hospitality, F&B and the FMCG industry.

Tech companies are setting a new standard how to attract and retain employees. The Millennial generation are choosing their employer based on brand strength and this will fundamentally change the way recruitment is being made.

Kuorrokveik Adventure Capital provides seed funding to business that has the potential to ride the waves of these tectonic shifts.

Reborn value


“The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it”

-Thomas Sowell, American economist

We believe that there are avenues for value creation of things. It also gives us the thrill of investing in objects we truly love and enjoy ourselves.